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The guild that accepts and carries out murder requests. The assassin group Thanatos. Within this group lies a force of 10 elite people. This force, called Number, have a variety of privileges. However, aiming for the top rank is not only just for these privileges. If they hold the #1 rank for a certain period of time, they can reach the top of the giant tree that pierces the universes - Yggdrasil. And it was said that at the summit of Yggdrasil, a wish of their's can come true....



Number02 01

No.1 Tekirai

Number 2

No. 2 Kuchinatsu

Number 9

No .3 Cattleya

Number02 40

        No.4 Sakura

Number02 01-1

No. 5 Toneriko

Hnumber 08.20

No.6 Zakuro

Hnumber 08.14

No. 9 Anzu

Unumber page145

No. 10 Aragi



Number01 21


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