Toneriko has a hair color ranging from dark blue to black. He also has ocean blue eyes and usually wears a black military type of uniform and cap with gold accent. He's short but it doesn't seem to affect him that much.

Personality and HistoryEdit

Toneriko Furoribanda is the main protagonist of the story. 
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He holds the position of Number 5 in Thanatos. His family was killed by Tekirai 11 years ago and he was the sole survivor. It was known that he had a mother and a younger sister but they were both killed by Tekirai. He was consumed by hatred and vengence on Tekirai, and for that reason, joined Thanatos. Though he seems cold, he is actually a rather soft-hearted person. He really cares about the people around him though he doesn't really show it. He was really attached to Mizuto and was willing to protect him no matter what the cost, including letting Tekirai hurt him.                                            

He wields dual guns named Evergreen, and appears to have some measure of control over plants with them. This could be linked to Mizuto, who appears to be a gardener's apprentice.